Mentor Coversation-Starters

The relationship between an Intern Architect and his/her Mentor is a less structured one than that of Intern-Supervisor or Employer. The Intern Architect has the benefit of gaining insight into the profession of architecture and feedback on his/her own journey to becoming a licensed architect from a resource outside of the place of employment. The Mentor has the benefit of offering counsel and providing insights from his/her own experience to foster the next generation of architects; reminding the Mentor why he/she chose architecture and being able to keep abreast of the latest cultural and technological developments.

This relationship of providing an independent and objective overview based on the individual experience of an Intern Architect is an integral component of a successful Internship.

Input from NSAA membership (NSAA Intern Architect Survey 2014) has indicated that Mentors and Intern Architects both feel they would benefit from more guidance than is currently included in the Internship in Architecture Program’s handbook, so the NSAA’s Intern Architect Committee was tasked with preparing the suggestions on the below PDF document.