Licensed Architect

Professional Mobility

If you are registered or licensed outside of Canada or the US, and your jurisdiction does not have a reciprocity agreement in place, you can still apply for a temporary license through the NSAA.

NOTE: Architects must register both themselves and their firms with the NSAA in order to practice on behalf of a Corporation, Parntership, or Partnership of Corporations in the Province of Nova Scotia. Click here for more information.

Excerpt from Section 19 of the Architects Act:

"(1) Every individual applying to the Board for a licence shall

(a) submit an application in the form approved by the by-laws;
(b) pay the fee approved by Council;
(c) submit evidence satisfactory to the Board that such individual holds a certificate from a designated architectural certification board or has completed such other education as the Board deems equivalent;
(d) submit evidence satisfactory to the Board that such person has completed practical work experience required by the Board;
(e) provide confirmation of liability insurance as prescribed by the regulations;
(f) have successfully completed examinations as required by Council;
(g) provide evidence satisfactory to the Board to establish the applicant is of such good character as to safely and ethically engage in the practice of architecture; and
(h) complete such other requirements for licensing as set out in the regulations."

Excerpt from Section 11 of the Regulations:

"In addition to the information, documents and fee required by clauses 19(1)(a) to (g) of the Act for an applicant for a licence and by clauses 26(a) to (f) of the Act for an applicant for a renewal of a licence, an applicant applying for a licence or renewal of a licence must give all of the following to the Board:

(a) if the applicant holds or held a licence in another jurisdiction, a certificate of standing from each of the other jurisdictions in which the applicant holds or held a licence, establishing whether there are any disciplinary findings against the applicant that may preclude or restrict the applicant’s practice in the Province, and establishing whether there are any outstanding complaints against the applicant in the other jurisdictions;
(b) evidence that the applicant has completed the professional development activities required by Council;
(c) evidence that satisfies the Board that the applicant remains current and competent in the practice of architecture."


Licensed Architects are entitled to:

  • Practice architecture in the Province of Nova Scotia.
  • Use the title "Architect", "Licensed Architect", or the initials "NSAA" after his/her name.
  • Hold office as an elected member of the NSAA Council and serve on NSAA Committees.
  • Attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings of the NSAA.
  • Receive correspondence/notices to the NSAA membership.