What We Do

The Nova Scotia Association of Architects (NSAA) is a self-governing professional association established in 1932, and mandated by the Province of Nova Scotia under The Architects Act to regulate the practice of architecture in the province.

The NSAA serves to protect the public interest and advance the profession of architecture. The NSAA works with its membership and other stakeholders to establish high entry standards to the profession and maintain high standards of practice. Members are governed by strict principles of ethical and professional conduct, which are detailed in the NSAA By-Laws and Canons of Ethics. The Association assists various governmental bodies in drafting legislation as it might affect architects, their clients, or the public.

For information on the Nova Scotia Association of Architects' role as a self-regulator including our governing documents and Council and Committee organizational structure, visit Regulatory and Governance

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Nova Scotia Architects Act and Regulations, Educational Resources, Publications, and other helpful information, please visit the Resources Section.

The Office

The office of the Nova Scotia Association of Architects are located in Suite 205, 1310 Hollis Street -- approximately one block away from our previous address at 1361 Barrington Street.

Council - 2023/2024 Term

Charlie Ritcey, NSAA


Stephen Terauds, NSAA

Vice President

Jim Marriott, NSAA


Kim Cooke, NSAA


Richard White, NSAA



Ashraf Damisi, NSAA

Co-Chair, Membership Engagement & Communications -- Awards & Recognition and (Special) Events Subcommittees


John Hrovat, NSAA

Co-Chair, Membership Engagement & Communications -- Communications and Intern Architects Subcommittees


Zahra Williams, NSAA

Co-Chair, Membership Engagement & Communications -- Education and Practice Subcommittees


Mary Ann Barker

Public Representative

Nick Russell

Public Representative

Susan Fitzgerald

Dalhousie Representative


Intern Architect Observer


Margo Dauphinee, BPR

Executive Director

(902) 423-7607  |  mdauphinee@nsaa.ns.ca

Beldam Aiken

Executive Assistant

(902) 423-7607 | 

Cynthia Thomson

Registration and Program Officer

(902) 423-7607 |