Intern Architect Committee

The Intern Architect Committee is a committee of the association with a mandate approved by the NSAA Council in April of 2014, as described below. The committee is made up of Intern Architects, Licensed Architects, and Student Members. The committee meets regularly on business flowing from its mandate and related goals. The committee will regularly submit reports to Council and the NSAA on current activities.


To continually improve the experience, support, and success of Interns and the NSAA.

Identified goals:

  1. Raise awareness that interns are integral to the successful future of the NSAA and the practice of architecture in Nova Scotia.
  2. Be a consistent and unified voice representing Interns.
  3. Improve the NSAA/IAP program in partnership with other NSAA committee(s).
  4. Be the nation’s leading intern program.
  5. Empower Interns to become involved.
  6. Provide the necessary tools, resources and support to allow NSAA interns to succeed.

To become involved with the Intern Committee, please contact us.