Who should become a member of the NSAA?

Anyone who is studying architecture, has completed their studies in architecture and wants to become an architect, or who wants to work as an architect in Nova Scotia should be a member of the NSAA. 

The steps below describe the process for applying for registration with the NSAA. If you have any questions on the application process at any time, the NSAA is available to provide you with any clarification you may need.

  • 1. Select a Membership Type

    A list of membership categories with links to downloadable applications is available here.

  • 2. Submit the completed application with all required documentation and payment

    Applications may be submitted either by hard copy (via post or delivered in person) or electronically via emailed pdf files. Please note payment will be processed upon receipt.

  • 3. Application Review process

    The application will now enter the review process. A visual pathway of this process is available here. The remaining steps that follow also detail this process.

  • 4. NSAA Staff reviews the application

    If the application is complete, it will be added to the agenda of the next meeting of the Board of Registration. If incomplete, you will be notified by email of the missing items to be addressed. Once all missing items have been received, your application will be added to the agenda of the next meeting of the Board of Registration.

  • 5. The Board of Registration reviews the application

    The Board of Registration meets once per month, usually the last Tuesday of each month. Two members of the Board of Registration look at the application. The Board of Registration makes a recommendation to NSAA Council to accept the application or they identify missing items to be resubmitted. If the application does require items to be resubmitted, it will return to the Board of Registration for further review.

  • 6. NSAA Council reviews the application

    Council meets once per month, usually the first Wednesday of each month. Council reviews the recomendation from the Board of Registration, brought forward by the Registrar. Council will either (1) approve the application, or (2) requests NSAA staff contact the applicant to address any issues with the application. If the application does require contact, your application will return to the Board of Registration once addressed for further review, and then Council.

  • 7. Notice of approval and receipt

    Once fully approved by NSAA Council, the Membership Coordinator will send a notice of approval. If the application was for Licensed Architect then the Licensed Architect stamp is ordered immediately and will be shipped to you directly.

What if my application is not approved at the end of this process?

The NSAA will contact you at each stage of the process whenever it seems there may be something missing that would be needed to approve the application so that you are able to resubmit the application. If at the end of the process there is still an issue with the application that would make it so that Council cannot approva the application, there is an Appeals process available to you. Click here for the appeals process described in Sections 16 and 17 of the Regulations Pursuant to the Architects Act.