Educational: Mandatory Con. Ed. Program

For NSAA Members

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With the proclamation of the new Nova Scotia Architects Act in 2008, the NSAA has instituted a Mandatory Continuing Education Program (MCEP). Compliance with the MCEP is a condition of Licensed Architect membership with the NSAA. Members are required to submit their MCEP transcript along with their Application for Renewal. Transcripts are reviewed by the Continuing Education Committee for general compliance with the requirements of the MCEP. A random audit may be conducted in order to ensure accuracy of reporting and relevance of reported activities. Members must maintain supporting documentation for all educational activities completed during the Cycle for a period of two years after the end of the Cycle. Members may be required to submit such documentation to the NSAA upon request.

Please note that the above requirements apply to Licensed Architects whose home-jurisdiction is the Nova Scotia Association of Architects. For Licensed Architects whose home-jurisdiction is outside of the NSAA, you must comply with the Continuing Education Program of that jurisdiction. The NSAA will contact those jurisdictions for members' compliance with continuing education requirements.

Con Ed How to and FAQ Guide

Please note there are some changes to the RAIC Con Ed reporting system, which can be found in the newly revised How to and FAQ Guide. There are specific details on compliance with the MCEP in Nova Scotia.

Affiliated Associations/Groups

The Nova Scotia Association of Architects is responsible for regulating the practice of architecture in Nova Scotia. Similarly, each province in Canada has its own association or institution that regulates the profession of archiotecture in those jurisdictions. Each province has its own regulations which govern the practice within their respective jurisdiction.

Working hand-in-hand with the provincial regulatory bodies, are national and international organizations which assist in advancing the profession within Canada and around the world. Please see the below categorized list of related association/organization categories.

Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities

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